My name is David Guevara (he/him) and I am new intern at Moja Global in the Outreachy 2021 cohort. Also I am 25 and lived in Peru, my main background is in Biology, but I am an enthusiastic programmer interested in Data Science related to Biodiversity, Climate Change an Bionfirmatics.

I like to descovering new things everyday, learning progrees is a long road to travel on and I am enjoying the ride! I am fascinated how tech world could give me the chance to combine my love for natural science and useful tools powered by softwares, open source communities and collaborative projects.

I could describe myself based on this cores: Adventure, Creativity and Influence.

I always love to see how any new topic to review could be a new adventure. Learning is not easy, that is a fact, but its fun and in the progress one get to know many new things one could not imagine before and this excited me due the impact it can generate into my personal and proffesional life.

Creativity too, the world of science is pretty rigid, from my point of view. But tech world offer allways a new way to do it. Being creative just allow me to find multiple ways to solve a task, problem or a random doubt I can get in any cloudy afteernoon and this motivate me to at least try to innovate.

And finally influence, I consider myself a recipient of many people thoughs that offered me help or guidance across my professional journey. I feel that in one moment of my life, I would reverse the flow that has work on me and offer this help to new people and that is a strong motivator to keep improving myself and remain humble.

Being an Outreachy intern is giving the tools to keep celebrating my ideals and with this opportunity I am keep pushing forward on my learning path, working with the Moja Global team in the project «Climate change mitigation: entending models of forest carbon pools to new countries» , which from my point of view, will have a huge impact on my region and is getting challenging, joining data science and research.

More updates soon…